11 Fakten gegen Vorurteile gegenüber Flüchtlingen

Syrian Refugee Budapest Train Station

"We can not take up the whole of Africa but". Wherever it comes to asylum seekers, fall such sentences - sentences that in absolute ignorance and often based on racial prejudice. But what reply, if the neighbor therefore speaks so? An overview of the most common prejudices - and an appropriate answer:


# 01 Unsuspecting know: "We can not but take up the whole world"

Answer: 60 million people worldwide are on the run. Only about 5% of which come or do it at all to Europe (3 million)


Find # 02 Concerned citizens: "The many refugees are a big problem"

Answer: A problem have first of all the persons concerned, who must flee from conflicts such as Syria, Afghanistan and other countries in order to save their lives.


# 03 alarmists know: "The all come to Germany"

Answer: the countries in which most reside most of the refugees, called Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia.


# 04 simpleton are convinced: "Most are just economic migrants"

Answer: No one sits down lightly at night in an ailing boat, knowing that death is imminent. Nobody puts everything on the line, lets go of everything - home, property, family members, perhaps even children - and all that only in the hope of benefit receipt. Those looking for asylum, mostly struggling to survive.


# 05 narrow-minded to say: "This is no place for refugees"

Answer: With sensible planning we could accommodate a lot more people. Germany has 80 million inhabitants and is a big, rich country. The accommodation of refugees is not a question of space, but a question of organization and good will.


# Claim 06 Hetzer: "Asylum seekers are dangerous and criminal"

Answer: There is no evidence that refugees are often delinquent than other people. Nor that people of non-German origin are criminal than the average population. On the contrary: For young people with a migration background is refuted even scientifically. The police in Bremen and Berlin saw itself actually caused due to the circulating prejudice to point out that there is no increased crime rate in the vicinity of the local refugee center. In fact, prevent especially prejudices, mistrust and lack of communication that people in their neighborhood have a sense of security and order.


# 07 Some owners say: "No to the home! Otherwise lose our house to value! "

Answer: housing for refugees make it easier on all sides. A welcoming culture that does not crammed protection seekers in unworthy mass quarters, given the value of the properties in the neighborhood.


# 08 miser my "take so many refugees, we can not afford"

Answer: refugees can afford much - if you let them. Slowly the realization is dawning that the better have refugees access to German language courses, education, training, and labor market, the more the company will gain economically.


# 09 ignorant think, "immigrants threaten our welfare state"

Answer: 2014 about 1.5 million people have immigrated to Germany. Including around 200,000 asylum seekers - that is approximately 12 percent. It draw many more people to Germany, not applying for asylum: students, business people, workers / inside. nsbesondere benefited from the influx of young Germany, qualified adult: your childhood and education have in fact paid other states, here brings their labor taxes, growth and even new jobs. The Bertelsmann Foundation calculated that people without a German passport pay per year on average 3,300 euros more in taxes than they receive in government benefits. Say a tax increase of around 5 billion euros just by immigrants.


# 10 Nazis propagate "through immigration German culture perishes"

Answer: Actually, we all come from Africa. Human bones from Ethiopia and Kenya suggest that people once populated the other continents, starting from there. Since all history is always a history of migration. The so-called "Great Migration" was actually a gigantic process of mixing of people from different backgrounds. That's in the history of the normal case. Migrants have always been there. The "pure German people" or the "German culture" has always been an invention.


Think # 11 narrow-minded: "We'd better take care of our own poor."

Answer: Behind these concerns is another problem - the growing inequality between rich and poor. Money is enough there - it would be more fairly distributed in Germany for the benefit of all people, could all live without fear and humanely. About growing inequality can be to complain about right - refugees, however, affect those states at the very least.



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I think that media decryption rejoin your point of view : youtu.be/umqvYhb3wf4
Above video is good old British/Jewish humour. A little bit stronger and much closer to the bitter reality are the two videos I posted in my contribution http://www.ustinovforum.com/articles/die-nachgeborenen It's a comparison of the "Willkommenskultur" in Germany in 1992 with nowadays' situation - despite Berlin's propaganda who wants to show the world that that there are no prejudices anymore... It seems that very soon at least from Sweden will be sent airplanes to pick up refugees directly in Turkey, where they are living in camps. But this is a private initiative. Maybe the British government will follow, but this is not sure. Well, aren't there other Western countries too who could send some civil planes in order to stop the killings in the Mediterranean and during the flight across the Balkans?
Too bad I don't speak German because I don't understand anything from this video "Die Nachgeborenen". Despite the fact that I'm not sure of what is being said on the video, we should be very careful on what could be found on the internet, cause 1) it might reflect the paradigm of a minority of a population and therefore, is rarely shared by most of the population, 2) it will illustrate realities that are in fact purely reflection of fear and prejudice on many topic that people share in common. If I should listen to people who are racist in France or anywhere else, that modify and adapt their speech to make it less seems like, such as political Parti FN, and others in the rest of europe, I would live in a bunker and never go out. Fortunately, I'm not scared of this and most of my friend and the people I meet share the same freedom and state of mind as I do. I especially don't let media or movies mindf*ck me, otherwise I would be racist, scared to travel in middle east, Islamophobic and pro white, except for the jewish, think greeks are all gay or assume that all germans are nazis, and all this even if my skin is black. Prejudice is a sickness that can be cured with tolerance, openness and self questioning, but "fear" in its wide sense will never bring a solution despite its provenance taking roots in the deep animal/human basic instincts. I must say, current mediatization is probably our worst enemy to cure prejudice , if you read the news or watch documentaries about people in anger; the latter will just put this small germ in your head and thoughts, that slowly evovles in a pretty negative spiral of judgements. I am saying this because it could have happened to me and since then I really much pay attention to what I watch/read and what is worst of having my attention (the smile always win)
Readers told me that this TV video - a comparison between 1992 and today - can be understood even without speaking German: It shows all the hatred and prejudices of Dresden inhabitants - collected by the German State (!) controlled TV channel ARD's weekly (critical) news broadcast PANORAMA. It only ILLUSTRATES what is told in the German article "Die Nachgeborenen" (Those born after) that describes the ambiance in Germany after WWII. These last weeks, the situation worsened, also in Austria, where the far-right is gaining power too - also in the recent elections - and because of the fear that Germany will close its borders with Austria - a situation which Vienna couldn't handle with all the refugees stuck between the Hungarian and the German border... In http://twitter.com/MediterrNewsNet there are hourly news about this and similar topics - without any censorship because run by us from Switzerland. Many German, American and Middle East journalists are follwing this account...

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