Feminism : When young girls are tired of Princesses


This nice video illustrates the gap in the occidental societies interpretation of women and its lack of equality, still based on prejudice.

In the video, you can see young girls, saying the F word, because they are tired of being treated as princesses, or more precisely, being treated as the "weak" link.

These girls are tired of thaving to dress like "princess", in order to adapt to what society wants them to be.

Their dresses are of course a pure metaphorical critic of the "too much requirement“ based on physical criteria and traits, rather than intellectual qualities for a woman.

They remind us that the payment inegality, up to 23% between Men and Women for the same job, is still an actual problem in the "USA" (but as we know, it's still not the case in most of Europe too).

On top of that, statistics show that 1 on 5 woman is victim of sexual harrassement - while society is teaching (them) young girls that their " body (parts) are more imoprtant than their brains".  

To resume : “F*ck that sexist sh*it"  and lets reconsider our society for better, and equal role in the present furture.



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