The Healing


Picture : "The Healing" - A Painting By Lanechka Fevola

It has been several months since the war in Ukraine started. Little did I think when I wrote this article on this site, that it would continue as long. 

My partner Lanechka Fevola and I contributed this to our related project site, The Arts And Humanity's Cause, to express how we feel.

And so the war continues. A war in which the brutality of invasion of a sovereign country, is matched by the tragedy of conscription of a subjugated army, and met by the  bravery of a nation as of one in unity.

It is the knock on effect of this war that the wider world feels. In no way comparable to the direct ravages of war, death, mutilation, homelessness, the economic consequences are considerable. The lack of available supply and increase in the cost of energy, dependent to various degrees as the world is on other countries, for power supplies,  risks plunging richer countries into greater poverty. It is not the rich who suffer thus but the poor. And in some countries, where the willingness of government to intervene in a crisis, is less, due to laissez-faire worship of business as usual, the poverty is beginning to bite. I know. For the UK is one such country, unwilling to alter its energy market. 

It is interesting how the word, energy has such a direct relevance. As does, power. The lack of energy by those in power, is keenly or terribly felt. Pressure must be put onto governments to act. Those who are rightly supporting the suffering in Ukraine, and understandably assisting them in their cause, must too, act closer to  home.

There is in my country a cost of living crisis. Added to the horrors seen and felt of a war abroad. After the world experienced the panic of a pandemic that has sadly become a virus that is endemic. And together with a climate that is changing more worryingly than ever!

Reasons to be cheerful? A song once sang out. We need to find them.

This piece, I present to you,  a painting and a poem, by Lanechka Fevola, it expresses all this and much else...


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