How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills


Probably the most important skills you gain in your school years is essay writing skills. Almost every student at some point find himself in situations where the professors gives a task to polish their writing when you want to submit an assignment. For those who want to improve their essay writing skills we prepared some tips that might help you with that.

Read on a regular basis

Reading makes one's writing skills better because  when you read other students essays, it improves your essay writing skills. Try to  read as many articles written by other students on different subjects as possible. The more articles and essays you read, the more understanding of the topic you get also it would help you learn different writing techniques and improve your writing skills.

Stay away from repetition

Probably the most common mistakes that occurs in essays writing is repetition. Repetition is the usage of same words in your essay over and over again. Avoiding repetition plays a significant role in improving your writing skills. Repetition might be taken as a sign of laziness by many of your readers. You advise you to address redundancy through the elimination of the phrases that are repeated and trying to replace them with other words with similar meanings.

Improve your vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary is the thing that can make your essay look professional and will help you get a good grades. It enables express your thoughts clearly. It also gives you the opportunity to say more using less  words. If you want to become an excellent essay writer, you should  constantly learn  new words in order to enhance your writing skills. Write down every new word you see in the article you need, start using a thesaurus, learn different suffixes and prefixes and  buy yourself a vocabulary book.

Try not to use passive voice in your essay

Try to use mostly active voice during your essay writing process. While writing a sentence, make sure that the subject in it acts. Make yourself check each and every sentence on if it has the passive voices and rewrite it into active voice. Avoiding the usage of passive voice is among the most challenging tasks that the one faces while writing an essay.

Use the quotes in your essay

Essay gives you the opportunity to show others that you have read a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to quote others in your essay. Include other people opinions and thoughts regarding the subject you are writing about. Use quotes of people who have different opinions on your topic as this will prove that you have done some research while writing the essay. On the other hand, do not use too many quotes, Remember that the essay must be based on your own opinion, as that is what your teacher wants from you.

Review punctuation and syntax in order to avoid grammatical mistakes

One more common mistake which many students make is using sophisticated phrase structures. Obviously might be a sign of your intelligence,but you need to remember that  the one of the most important things in essay writing is making the paper easy for everyone to understand. Thus, do not make it hard for other people to understand what you are saying in your essay. You may use various structures in your essay but you should be assured that your sentences are clear. The other thing you need to pay attention to is the usage of punctuation and make sure that have used it properly before submitting your essay.

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