Rise Of Islamophobia Since Paris Attacks in UK


This 15 year old british student made a very powerful presentation about the rise of Islamophobia in England since the Paris attacks on November 13th 2015.

Since then, she and her family are victims of prejudice, and media won't help in calming the situation. She claims : "non of these article are truth."

Islamophobia Press UK

She denounces the manipulation of ISIS that turns her religion in a weapon of death, but in reality has nothing to do with Islam: "They have hijacked our religion and used it against us." She said.

"ISIS has one goal, they want country like ours to reject muslims. They will be happy to hear that since the attacks in Paris, France, Muslims are reportedly being threatened and attack."


Isra Mohammed. I am Muslim, and I am not a terrorist

She explains the different views of her daily life :

"I had people coming up to me in school, this week and last week, telling me because I'm Muslim, I am a terrorist," Mohammed says in the video. "And this is something I go through every day of my life, and it's become worse since what happened in France."

"So how would you feel if that was you in my situation?" she continues. "I have a seven-year-old sister. She came home from school last Monday, crying. When I asked why, she said to me, 'People are blaming me in school for the Paris attacks."

"So what can we do about it?" she finishes. "We can learn about each others' religions and cultures. We can stop making assumptions. We can be fair to one another. And remember: when you tell someone, 'You're a terrorist because of your religion', it's a hate crime."

"My name's Isra Mohammed. I am Muslim, and I am not a terrorist."





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