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There was a time when the world was at war and the fight for freedom was led by giants who genuinely made their countries great.

Those giants were Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, the countries, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Roosevelt had for many years been influenced and inspired by the work of the British Liberals in the early twentieth century  government that had come to power in the United Kingdom. It was under the party leadership of  Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, in which, during the years that followed, and under three Prime Ministers, the young Churchill was a Minister, and a  reformer amongst many.

Roosevelt implemented reform throughout his life and career, as Governor of New York, as President of the United States.

Churchill in a sense needed no inspiration from the United States, his mother was from there, he was half American!

When the world was falling apart, two men stood tall. It little mattered that one was just that, little, and the other, could only stand, but not properly walk, height in an individual, is nothing, when that individual can scale great heights, as Churchill did, and as we know so well today, being able to walk the talk, is so much more that merely walking or talking, as Roosevelt showed. 

Why do we know this, so well today?

For this, amongst many reasons we surely know it. 

This, is when the world is not at war, and is not led by giants who make their country great.

The world is not being led in that way now. The United Kingdom and United States are being let down in many ways now.

If once there were giants who genuinely made their countries great, now there are no giants and generally only talk of making a country great.

Boris Johnson likes to think of himself as Winston Churchill. He isn't half American, but was in fact born in America.

Donald Trump likes to think of himself as great. He is half British!

This week, these two leaders of the Western world, one of the United Kingdom, one of the United States, met up in New York at the United Nations and were, sort of, all smiles. Their's was a united front. As ever from the two front men. 

But and yet, behind the scenes, the showmen were not in control of the script, nor were they setting the stage.

In Westminster meanwhile, Boris Johnson was found, in the conclusion of proceedings,  to have acted unlawfully by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. 

To stop your own parliament from sitting at a moment of national crisis has been said to be, from and by the highest authority, what it has been seen to be, from and by many in the UK,  already.

In Washington then, Donald Trump was the subject, of the beginning of proceedings, of impeachment by the Congress of the United States.

To ask a fellow President from a foreign country, to dig the dirt on your own opponent in your current presidential election, is being said to be, from and by the representatives of a democracy, what it has been seen to be, from and by many in the US, already. 

These two, are the leaders of the free world? These are not giants. 

If  Boris Johnson is preferred, in the role as Bojo the clown for some, Donald Trump, the Donald, has performed the role of pantomime villain to many. But there is more than a little of showbiz about them. These are two  blonde bombshells. The more we see of these men who should be substantial, the more we discover it seems to be showmanship.  These are not traditional men of true character. But they are "characters." And it is true, also, they are often in persona, as if performers who play a character. Ambitious to play their part, but it all appears too much, as only  ambition for  themselves. These superficial bombshells, are becoming the targets of other metaphorical bombshells, hitting home. Parliament and Congress are dropping bombshells. These may not be the bombs of war, but they are more than those of a war of words. For corruption does count for something. It means any leader, of whom these two may or may not be so, but those who are, shall be found wanting and found out. No love-bombing, or bombardment of bombast, from these two, can do.

In the post Second world war era, in the United Kingdom and United States, there were also  two blonde bombshells. Britain's Diana Dors was never as famous as America's Marilyn Monroe, but  they were both, women able to go way beyond the surface, and reveal the characters they portrayed. They were in so doing, so obviously, too, giving of themselves. They were talented, and were and are, valued. And their work has been found to stand the test of time.

That does not compare, however special, to great leaders, standing tall.

But as a legacy it is going to compare very favourably, and far more memorably, with that of being thought of as two blondes who fancy themselves, far more than most fancy their chances of avoiding being found out! 



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