Giving Thanks


Picture- "Devotion," Painting By Lanechka Fevola


As I continue to work on developing ideas for the Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum, to further and increase its activities online and beyond, I think of it, this project, on this day, for many, called Thanksgiving Day. A day that, if anything, could be said to have some relevance historically, in some very significant and powerful sense, to the eradicating of prejudice, and its leading to conflict. It is regarded as a celebration also, because it is a fact that there were, amongst the first settlers of North America, amidst the wars and violence, some who sat down with the Native Americans on occasion and the result for some, was Thanksgiving.

We give thanks for the life and work of Sir Peter Ustinov, in this, his Centenary year. A life as  full, as indeed it was, inspiring, work as fine, as of course it was, entertaining.

We give thanks for the efforts of all who help to defeat and overcome, prejudice. And, in keeping again with the ethos and purpose of the Ustinov Network and therefore, of this Forum, we are thankful for all who foster and embrace, mutual respect.


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