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It is a fact that people are completely different. Individuals are unique. As such the manner in which they use their language is also unique. However, when it comes to essay writing, there are general principles that you can follow and be able to come up with an outstanding essay. These tips will help you improve your writing and subsequently improve your grades.

1. Balance your essay

When writing an essay, ensure that your essay is well balanced. To achieve this balance ensure that your ideas are well organized. Don't just through your ideas here and there. This will make your work look disorganized. Choose what comes first and what will come last and show how one paragraph develops the other. How you develop your transition from one paragraph to the other is very important.

Try as much as possible to achieve an automatic flow. Do not stop an essay abruptly in the middle of a burning issue. It is important that every sentence must guide you to the conclusion of the essay. This needs to be done harmoniously. Moreover, your ideas must be presented in a very precise and clear manner for the reader.

Your begin paragraphs, as well as your ending paragraphs, must be clear. These paragraphs are very important. The moment they appear ambiguous the essay losses taste and you can score poorly.

2. Length of the essay

There is always the notion that an essay must be lenthy. This should not be the case. The length of an essay does not show that it is a great essay. Avoid marathon writing, it is not essential unless when necessary.  It would be better to use a minimum number of words to illustrate your points. The reader would be very much interested in the points you are trying to convey and not the length of your essay.

Nevertheless, a topic or subject that requires a lot of explanations and explanations can be long, but just enough to clarify the points of the essay. What you have to keep in mind is that too much writing can destroy the vigor of the essay.

3. Use recourses that are up-to-date

When writing your essay, make sure that you use resources that are up to date. This is often the number one rule you need to consider when writing. Make sure the resources you are using are the latest. Several types of research are being carried out and new findings are coming up. It thus does not make sense if one insists on using old or outdated resources.

4. Avoid too much jargon

When writing your essay, use known words. Be simple. Use jargon only where necessary and when necessary. The use of unnatural or even unfamiliar words can make your work to appear as guesswork. Remember you are trying to communicate. So be simple in order to be understood. What makes your essay great is the points you write and these points can be appreciated only if they can be understood.

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