America Needs Immigration


What USA economy would look like without immigrants today?

At a time where immigration has brought a lot of controversy in the political debate, this video illustrates some key points  of immigration in the US economy.

While Brexit already gave a taste of what would look the next 5 years of european politicy, these facts would hopefully influence 2017 French election as they will soon kick off.



#1 - The Food Industry Would Suffer

America would lose up to 70% of its farm worker, which could send food pricing soaring.

Agricultural production would lose as mucj as $60 Billion.


#2 - Job Creation Would Actually Decrease

Immigration contribute to population growth, which increase the demand for workers.


#3 - Social Security Would Take a Hit

It's already at risk because because there aren't taxes going in.

But in 2010, undocumented workers alone contributed $13 billion

In fact, experts say increasing immigration could save social security.


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