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Persuasion is an art. Writing persuasive essay is like arguing a case ‘for’ or ‘against’ before a jury. One needs to take a stand, build a strong argument to win over the readers and make them accept his/her point of view or take action. When asked to write a persuasive essay, proper research must be carried out. As a writer, you need to understand both sides of the issue so that you can be able to tell why your opinion is right and why the opposing view is wrong.

Persuasion as an art can be used in advertising, blogging, writing newspaper editorials, and when making political speeches. Lawyers, salespersons, and politicians have best persuasive tactics to win over cases, market, and political positions.

Here are steps and tips to guide you when writing a persuasive essay;

Step 1: prewriting stage

Critically look at the issue then choose your position you wish to support. Understand your audience; are they in support of the matter, against the case or undecided. Research the issue to get concrete evidence to convince the reader. Get information from multiple sources; websites, books, community leaders, experts in the field and even teachers.

Step 2: organize the persuasive essay outline and structure

Create essay outline Organize evidence Write an introductory paragraph which must have a thesis statement Write body paragraph each section to have one piece of evidence with supporting details. Concluding paragraph- Conclude restating your thesis statement. Don’t forget to summarize the evidence you feel is the most important. Encourage the reader to adopt your position. Give a recommendation. 

Step 3: Revise your persuasive essay

Go through your essay and check whether;

the point of view is well represented the opening “hook” is intriguing the thesis statement presents a strong argument or does it need strengthening paragraphs have compelling evidence supported by relevant facts, quotes, and statistics. word choice is perfect there is a smooth transition between paragraphs concluding paragraph conveys your position

Step 4: Edit your persuasive essay

Proofread the entire essay, correct grammar and typos error. Get a friend to do it for you.

Step 5:  Publish your persuasive essay

Share your essay with your classmates, family, and friends; their feedback will help you make necessary improvements in your next persuasive essay.


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