Don't Think!
Thanks Harry, the Twitter and Facebook are not regularly active, yes, that is the case, but the news items are, I am keen to get more involved with the forum, wonder if that is something needed.
Santa Peter - Or The Ustinov Claus
Merry Christmas to one and all!
Prejudice what for? Or even more so For what?
I have just found this , brilliantly written and superbly expressed piece. It makes me very glad to be an active and enthusiastic participant in a forum, named after one Ustinov who I met, and whose work I have known and admired for years, and founded by another Ustinov who I have not met but would like to , and whose work I would like to know better in future.
Electoral fraud with Martin Schulz, the German Bernie Sanders?
Harry, there is not much chance of Corbyn even being regarded as a Social Democrat, in Britain, so leftward is his history and his associations too.Socialist , yes, and surrounded by more left than him !As for France, the presidency of Hollande means the only possibility of defeating Le Pen is looking like Macron, even more with the partnership with Bayrou. He would and shall, I believe, my opinion at least, be a good president, the best of a sensible and reliable mixture of social democracy and progressive , but centrist, liberalism.
It is , amongst the common beliefs, felt more strongly over the centuries, and by more people , that a love of liberty , means it should only be taken away when someone does real harm. And then the rule of law is rightly implemented, and justice is correctly done.Not summary justice ,after arbitrary arrest.Since the great philosopher and Liberal politician, John Stuart Mill, this has been a tremendous point of principle. Raif Badawi has done no harm. This site , Ustinov Forum , has many visitors , who do not write , but read. Please visit the Raif Badawi Foundation For Freedom, website, and strengthen our common belief, in the freedom of the individual, who has done no harm.